Why was this powerful appetite suppressant and new fat burner featured on "The Doctors"?

On April 10th, "The Doctors" featured a weight loss segment discussing interesting and innovative solutions to weight loss. Dr. David Katz, Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center, discussed traditional weight loss methods and some newer diet ingredients showing impressive results.

In particular Dr. Katz discussed his preference for a two stage approach to weight loss. First, reducing your overall caloric intake then burning existing fat off.

People often confuse this order, attempting to burn off impossible amounts of fat, with limited success. Thermogenic fat burners can help, but they are only part of the solution.

Dr. Katz discusses weight loss and Slim Science on "The Doctors" TV Show (April 10th, 2014)

The better solution is combining a thermogenic fat burner with an appetite suppressant. If your body is at a caloric deficit, you will already be burning fat, before you take your first pill.

One powerful appetite suppressant and fat burning combination to consider is Slim Science. That's because it includes Super CitriMax, a patented extract of Garcinia Cambogia, an ingredient you may have heard of.

Garcinia cambogia is becoming a popular ingredient, but for all the right reasons. A recent clinical study on Super CitriMax came back very positive. Participants reported significantly reduced appetites and cravings. And more importantly Super Citrimax is highly effective at helping you control your appetite without the side effects associated with stimulants. You won't have to worry about sweating through your shirt or staying up all night.

Christy, a GNC customer, says this "I put on 20 pounds over 15 years. I read the Slim Science press release then did investigation regarding the ingredients and took advantage of the sample (paid for shipping only). I lost weight. I am very pleased thus far on the results so looking to lose the remaining pounds and purchasing the 90 capsule bottle."

GNC stores secured the exclusive rights to Slim Science and it's now available nationwide. But the manufacturer also offers samples so you can try before you buy. If you would like to lose weight, you should click here for a sample.

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